Sonic Crush - We Are Not Ready To Die (single)


Who loves metal should definitely listen to the Italian band Sonic Crush. Especially a true metal lover has to close the eyes, turn up the volume and listen We are not ready to die, the last release from the Italian quartet.

Pirates are living their moments as were their last one, every time.
So ambitious on the top of their skin but so scared in the inside. They play dice and like everyone else in that old little tavern they cheat, drink, fight for themself. All of this is done to show that they exist, all of that is done to feel alive.

The pretext can be anything odd but the consequences are always the same: fight to survive, fight to show they survive, fight to face the fact they are not ready to die.
We are all pirates, breaking up our balance to feel alive. This is because life is just one and we are constantly pursuiting for adrenaline and self consciousness of our inner emotions.
The song is full of perfect and fresh drum fills, strong guitar riffs and bass lines and the unmistakable voice of Gianluca Mirizzi.

We fell in love with this song! Listen We are not ready to die clicking the following link and leave your feedback!