Infills Chain - A Day of Suffering (EP)


The EP "A Day of Suffering", is the first one from the Italian band Infills Chain. It is a collection of 6 original songs and it presents itself as an introspective journey that see ourselves facing difficulties, labours and the darkness of life. All this happens through feelings that impose themselves as reactions to the struggle of living.

This is what the band said about its release:

"That feelings are like masks and each of them represent a feeling that we put in music, one for each track. We wanted to share this reflexion about the difficulties of our routes in order to give courage to everyone who lives facing daily difficulties, to everyone who lives suffering. Most of all we wanted to fight alongside people who want to wipe out the darkness. What really matter is to react to the problems, living through that feelings in order to triumph over evils and reach the light at the end of the tunnel. That light is there for all of us."